6 Benefits of Doing a First Look

One of the biggest decisions every bride has to decide is whether or not they plan to do a first look. Or should I say the groom? Often times I hear brides say that their groom just doesn’t want to do one. What they don’t realize is that one decision effects the flow of the entire day. Now, I never pressure my brides into doing a first look. I always tell them my job as your photographer is to educate. I shoot 25-30 weddings a year, so I’ve learned over time what the pros and cons are. Let me break down 6 key benefits of doing a first look. 

  1. You get to hug each other
bride and groom hugging for first look

I did an Instagram reel on this a while back and got a lot of “never thought about that” comments. Here’s the deal. When you don’t do a first look, you see each other at the alter for the first time. At the alter, you have to stand there (sometimes touching, sometimes not) for a solid 30-45 minutes before you get to embrace. When you do a first look, the first thing you get to do is wrap your arms around your person.

2. You get double the amount of time together and portraits

first look reaction

DOUBLE! The way I lay out my timelines for a first look, you get 60 minutes of bride and groom portrait time. This means we get to walk all over the venue and get tons of variety. When you don’t do a first look we only are allowed 30 minutes (if that) for bride and groom portrait time. Sometimes it may only be 15-20 minutes together. You’ll end up with significantly less portraits when you don’t do a first look. 

3. You have more fun with your wedding party

bride and groom reading vows

When you don’t do a first look, often times the bridal party and the groomsmen have to stay separated for the bulk of the day. When you do a first look, everyone gets to mingle and hangout together for the majority of the day. So, brides, if you’re good friends with the groomsmen or vice versa a first look would be the better way to go.

4. It relieves stage fright and nerves

bride and groom hugging during first look

Imagine this.. the groom has anxiously been waiting to see his bride all day long. It’s been hours of build up. He knows he’s about to have to walk down an aisle in front of 100+ people and he’s so nervous. He knows there’s unspoken expectations regarding his reaction. He’s a nervous wreck. All of the nerves distracts him from fully being able to be present in the moment. Versus, if you do a first look, those hours of build up are shortened and instead of being in front of 100+ people, he knows he only gets to share this moment with his bride. 

5. You get the best of both worlds

couple at first look

When doing a first look, you aren’t missing out on that moment walking down the aisle. You actually get to do both! Walking down the aisle is going to be different regardless. You’ve got someone walking with you, the music playing, your friends and family surrounding you, so its a much different experience even if you did do a first look. 

6. You don’t keep your guest waiting

seeing each other before the wedding

This is a big factor brides opt to do a first look, and for good reason! When you do a first look, after the ceremony you can head straight to the party!

So, have I convinced you yet? Doing a first look isn’t all so bad!! Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you liked this blog, check out my latest on the benefits of doing a fake exit!

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February 28, 2022



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