Preparing for Your Engagement Session

As if planning for a wedding day isn’t enough, add needing to prepare for your engagement session to the list! But, with my help and expertise I can give you all the advice on how to be best prepared for your upcoming shoot!

1. Pick out a day, time and location with your photographer

The first thing to do is get in touch with your photographer about a day, time and location for your shoot. Most photographers will give you recommendations on places for your shoot. If you’re in the Birmingham area (where I’m located) check out this blog for location recommendations.

2. Hire a professional hair and makeup artist

You may think you don’t need this, but I promise you won’t regret hiring a professional HAMU artist. Hair and makeup shows up less than you think on camera, so wearing your everyday look sometimes isn’t enough. Go for the fake lashes and always be sure to bring your lipstick with your for touch ups between locations.

3. Pick out your outfits

My biggest piece of advice when picking out your engagement session outfits is to make sure you choose outfits your comfortable and confident in! Here is a blog post with a few outfit suggestions.

4. Get your nails done

One of the focal points of your shoot is that beautiful ring your fiancé got you! Make sure to get your nails done just before your shoot so they’re fresh! I recommend a neutral color.

5. Leave Early

The last thing you want to do is put in all of this hard work to prepare for your engagement session and show up late. Not only will this stress you out and have you frazzled at the start of your session, but this also eats into the time you have with your photographer.

Still needing a photographer for your engagement session? Reach out to me and let’s chat about it!

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February 7, 2022



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