13 Birmingham Engagement Session Locations

There are so many beautiful engagement session locations in Birmingham, Alabama. My brides are always asking me what locations I would recommend for their engagement session so I decided to compile my top favorite places in Birmingham. Check out my favorite 13 spots and let me know which ones are your favorites!


1. Rose Gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

This little spot is so dreamy!! The lighting is always perfect and the blooms are always beautiful! Spring time is my favorite time to shoot here, but there are some other great options at the Botanical Gardens even in the winter.


2. The Greenhouse at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

This is always such a fun twist to your typical outdoor locations. The cactus and the greenhouse vibe make for such great variety in your engagement session.


3. The White Wall

If you are heading over to Railroad Park you might as well make a little pit stop at the white wall! Who doesn’t love a clean white wall? It photographs so beautifully and your couples are sure to pop!


4. Railroad Park

Railroad Park is always top on my list of places to take my couples! You can have a city look mixed with some nature. The tall wispy grass is a must when shooting at Railroad Park!


5. The Magic City Sign

Again, if you are in the area of Railroad park, the Magic City sign might as well be another little spot you hit up!! How cute is this “in the street” shot!


6. Morris Avenue

Morris Ave. is definitely a hotspot. You can’t visit Morris Ave without seeing at least 2-3 other photoshoots happening. But you can see why, right? The cobblestone streets, the downtown vibe the glow – it’s a great photo spot.

7. Sibyl Temple

You get a little glimpse into the city while also having this gorgeous structure to shoot with!! Another great little spot if it happens to start raining during your session! At Sibyl Temple, you don’t even feel like you are in Birmingham, Alabama.


8. The Club

The views are just unlike any other. I am 99.9% sure you have to be a member or know a member to have access to this little spot, but it is totally worth it if you are!!


9. Southside Baptist Church

Oh those marble stairs and columns are too die for!! Southside Baptist church occasionally gives off a European vibe to me and I am all for it! This is also a great spot to hit up if it happens to start raining in the middle of your session!


10. The Parking Deck

I’ve been talking about city views, but it doesn’t get much better than a good parking deck. This little gem gives you a gorgeous sunset and view of the Redmont Hotel in downtown Birmingham.

11. The Federal Building

Those columns get me every time!! If you are going for a “WOW” type location, this is the place for you!! It has some serious city vibes and is the perfect backdrop for your couple!

12. Aberdeen Road

Talk about beautiful sunset spot! Aberdeen Road is probably only familiar to the locals. It also gives you gorgeous views of the city!!

13. Highland Park

There is so much variety in the Highland park area, but one of my favorite little hidden gems are the cute little vine covered stairs!



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September 18, 2020



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