Botanical Gardens and Moss Rock Engagement Session

When you think of a power couple, people like Emma and Jonathan should come to mind. They are smart, kind, funny, talented and driven. Together they make a perfect pair with so much to offer!
She’s a resident physician at UAB and Jonathan is an attorney. Both are incredibly busy people, so meeting the conventional way just didn’t suit their lifestyle. So, like lots of modern couples they turned to online dating. They ended up meeting on Bumble and immediately hit it off. Right from that very first date Emma and Jonathan knew they had found someone incredibly special. Now here they are, ready to get married this year!
Not only are they kind, funny, and talented, they are also very outdoorsy people. They love hiking and spending time outside with their sweet pup George. Jonathan actually proposed to Emma while they were out on a hike.  So, naturally, it made sense for their engagement session to be somewhere in nature. They picked two amazing locations, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Moss Rock. Both fit their amazing personalities so well!
Right away I could tell they were such naturals in front of the camera!! Between how easy going they are and how hilarious Jonathan is, it was so much fun. He kept everyone laughing the whole time. Then, they had their precious little pup, George, join them at Moss Rock for photos, and man was he so adorable! They made the entire time at Moss Rock an adventure, climbing the rocks, playing with George, and making it so fun! I don’t think it could have been any sweeter!
I can’t say it enough how much I love connecting with my couples. Jonathan and Emma were especially amazing! I can’t wait for their wedding this October at Windwood Equestrian. It’s going to be a really fun day getting to work with these two again.

EmmaJonathan_EngagementSession_Moss Rock.jpg.jpg
EmmaJonathan_EngagementSession_Moss Rock.jpg
EmmaJonathan_EngagementSession_Moss Rock.jpg


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February 19, 2020



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